blog about the daily developments at STRIETMAN

blog about the daily developments at STRIETMAN


STRIETMAN, founded by Wouter Strietman, is a company developing and designing coffee related products for the household environment.

These products excel in quality and craftsmanship. Simple and reliable engineering, built to last forever.
The Strietman espresso machines are produced in The Netherlands using a small-scale industrial production line. The machines are carefully assembled and tested.

The ES3 espresso machine takes the art of coffee making back to its essential origin. The technology involved has been simplified and made visible in every detail. The machine is operated by hand and for full quality control you can rely on the judgement of your own senses.
Perfection, simplicity and transparency have been the leading principles during development. To safeguard reliability, security and sustainability, we prioritize CE certification and therefore our machines comply with the European standards for these devices.

Strietman aims to appeal to users looking for the best possible taste from a machine that looks great because of its build quality and durable engineering.
Celebrate the coffee ritual, the joy of a perfect espresso being a quality part of life.
Focus on the pure simplicity, having a piece of solid traditional engineering to allow a sensory experience of coffee preparation.


EX VAT: € 1300
21% DUTCH VAT INCL: € 1573




ES2 pre-production

ES2Posted by Wouter Strietman Thu, October 11, 2012 23:16:01

The first 20 pre-production ES2 espresso machines are almost finished.

The development of the ES2 has been my full-time occupation for the past year.

Last December the idea raise of creating a wall mount espresso machine. The ES1 learned me a lot, but it had one problem, stability ( among other problems)

When you think of an open boiler lever espresso machine you will always end up with a design that is narrow and vertical. You have the drip tray, then cup - filter holder - extraction chamber - piston assembly - boiler - lever arm. : Meaning; a high machine.

But the solution was simple: Wall mount. It also makes it more of a Design piece on its own, which I like. Raised from the kitches top.

So in Januari I began with drawing / sketches. In Februari I decided on the overall Design, and began with detailed technical drawings. In March I began the building of the first prototype together with a CNC miller; this being a machine designed for series production it was wise to work with a CNC miller from the start.

In the beginning of April the first ES2 prototype grasped live. The concept worked. It made a pretty good cup of coffee! A propper espresso.

Still a lot had to be changed. I learned from this first prototype. When I fully tested it I’d gone back to the drawing board. I made new technical drawings. The development of such a machine is an endless ping-pong game, designing - testing - redesigning - retesting.

By July the second prototype was ready, it was working to my satisfaction. Only some minor things still had to be changed.

By August everything was ready for the first 20 pre-production series. So I sad together with the CNC miller to fine tune the production proces, and then it began. The pre-finance of some future owners of ES2 espresso machines helpt me a lot and gave me some surtainty that I was on the right track.

And another 2 mounths past, by now all parts have arrived at my workshop. Assembly time has began! I put the first ES2 production model together, everything fits and it comes together beautifuly, what a releave!

So next week I will finish the assembly and then its time to wrape them up and send them out!

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