blog about the daily developments at STRIETMAN

blog about the daily developments at STRIETMAN


STRIETMAN, founded by Wouter Strietman, is a company developing and designing coffee related products for the household environment.

These products excel in quality and craftsmanship. Simple and reliable engineering, built to last forever.
The Strietman espresso machines are produced in The Netherlands using a small-scale industrial production line. The machines are carefully assembled and tested.

The ES3 espresso machine takes the art of coffee making back to its essential origin. The technology involved has been simplified and made visible in every detail. The machine is operated by hand and for full quality control you can rely on the judgement of your own senses.
Perfection, simplicity and transparency have been the leading principles during development. To safeguard reliability, security and sustainability, we prioritize CE certification and therefore our machines comply with the European standards for these devices.

Strietman aims to appeal to users looking for the best possible taste from a machine that looks great because of its build quality and durable engineering.
Celebrate the coffee ritual, the joy of a perfect espresso being a quality part of life.
Focus on the pure simplicity, having a piece of solid traditional engineering to allow a sensory experience of coffee preparation.


EX VAT: € 1300
21% DUTCH VAT INCL: € 1573




The modern craftsman

AboutPosted by Wouter Strietman Mon, May 20, 2013 17:30:56
NRC Handelsblad Newspaper special for the expo "Hand Made, Lang leve het ambacht" in the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum

EspressoStrietman, the modern craftsman

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About EspressoStrietman

AboutPosted by Wouter Strietman Fri, May 04, 2012 16:58:05

EspressoStrietman designs and develops espressomachines for home use.

The ES machines enables you to influence the espresso making proces, by making the technique visible and letting you be in control.

EspressoStrietman is created and personalised by Wouter Strietman, an espresso fanatic with a lot of knowhow and expertise.

He wants to share his knowledge and make you an espresso craftsman.


The espressomachine for home use has become a square push-button box.

The technique is totally hidden which makes it difficult to feel any attachment. It is an automised proces, you are a total outsider. Influencing the extraction proces is very difficult.

The coffeebean itself is a product of nature, this means it will always change, it is never the same. You have to adjust yourself to the bean, over and over again. The modern home espresso machine however won’t let you!


The decision to build espressomachines is born out of love and frustration.

Knowing very well what the perfect espresso should be like and knowing what part the espresso machine should play.

I found out that the modern home espresso machine is not capable in fulfilling my needs.

I missed the thrill of extracting espresso.

I began to search for a delicate approach, trying to find a technique that harms the coffeebean as little as possible. A machine that will give you all the control you need.

A machine that gives you the freedom to extract your custom espresso.


The ES2 is becoming a product which is capable of achieving the high standard set up by Epressostrietman. It is an ongoing challenge, designing / testing / assembling / dissambling / redesigning and reassambling.

EspressoStrietman is finding out what it means to be an espresso pioneer.

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