blog about the daily developments at STRIETMAN

blog about the daily developments at STRIETMAN


STRIETMAN, founded by Wouter Strietman, is a company developing and designing coffee related products for the household environment.

These products excel in quality and craftsmanship. Simple and reliable engineering, built to last forever.
The Strietman espresso machines are produced in The Netherlands using a small-scale industrial production line. The machines are carefully assembled and tested.

The ES3 espresso machine takes the art of coffee making back to its essential origin. The technology involved has been simplified and made visible in every detail. The machine is operated by hand and for full quality control you can rely on the judgement of your own senses.
Perfection, simplicity and transparency have been the leading principles during development. To safeguard reliability, security and sustainability, we prioritize CE certification and therefore our machines comply with the European standards for these devices.

Strietman aims to appeal to users looking for the best possible taste from a machine that looks great because of its build quality and durable engineering.
Celebrate the coffee ritual, the joy of a perfect espresso being a quality part of life.
Focus on the pure simplicity, having a piece of solid traditional engineering to allow a sensory experience of coffee preparation.


EX VAT: € 1300
21% DUTCH VAT INCL: € 1573




ES3 demonstrations

ES Live!Posted by Wouter Strietman Thu, October 09, 2014 17:32:43
Strietman demonstrated the ES3 at the Showup fair in August and last week at the VT-Wonen stand on the Woonbeurs fair in Amsterdam.

Next up:
Design Week Eindhoven 18 / 26th October
The ES3 can be seen at the exhibition at Sectie C
And at an exhibition on the Piet Hein Eek site called "We think highly off"
More will follow!

Photo courtesy: Showup

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ES2 in Amsterdam

ES Live!Posted by Wouter Strietman Sat, December 01, 2012 10:32:53

Tomorrow we unwrap an ES2 at KOKO Coffee and Design. And from then on you can always come round to see and test the ES2, it will be on the wall!

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ES2 3-group!

ES Live!Posted by Wouter Strietman Tue, October 23, 2012 10:54:01
3 ES2 espresso machines hanging at my expo at DDW Sectie C

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ES coffeeparty

ES Live!Posted by Wouter Strietman Wed, October 17, 2012 11:53:27
Friday the 26th of October the FIRST OFFICIAL ES2 BATTLE will be held at my workshop in Eindhoven. This will be during my expo at the Dutch Design Week in my workshop from 20 till 28 of October.

Location: Sectie C, Daalakkersweg 2-8 Eindhoven

For more info check:

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ES Live!Posted by Wouter Strietman Mon, July 02, 2012 13:07:42
The ES2 can be seen at the Designhuis, Eindhoven. A very nice exhibition about Food Design, the ES2 fits beautifully I think.

If you want to try it out.. go ahead and visit!

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ES1 at Black Balloon

ES Live!Posted by Wouter Strietman Fri, April 06, 2012 16:18:58

Thanks Black Balloon for exhibiting my machine the past month, it looked wonderful

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52 x Barista

ES Live!Posted by Wouter Strietman Fri, December 16, 2011 16:35:55
EspressoStrietman at NotTooArty blog, check:

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ES1 on the Graduation Galleries

ES Live!Posted by Wouter Strietman Wed, November 16, 2011 13:49:09

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ES1 at Brandmeesters

ES Live!Posted by Wouter Strietman Tue, August 02, 2011 18:09:39

The ES1 can be seen at Brandmeesters Utrecht. Till the 10th of September

This Saturday and Saturday 10th of September there will be a live demonstration

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Follow me!

ES Live!Posted by Wouter Strietman Sun, July 31, 2011 21:47:02
EspressoStrietman on Home-Barista

The place to be for the serious espresso lover. I am always feeling somuch at home over there!

If you want to Join the discussion about the ES1..go to:

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